The New 16 Inch Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Model

Hello, everyone! Today we are reviewing the 16-inch 2019 model Apple MacBook Pro.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro was introduced by Apple back in 2019 as a new addition to the Mac computer family. It replaced the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which was discontinued around the same time. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is considered to be one of the most customizable & most capable/powerful Mac laptops, and it’s fair to say that it is targeted at more sophisticated users, with deeper pockets!

⁃ Processor, usability, RAM & storage 

The basic version of the 16-inch 2019 model comes with a 2.6ghz i7 processor, with six Independent cores & 16GB RAM, which overall is great for average and above-average computing and multitasking needs – for example, if you have a bunch of web browsers open at the same time as listening to music – but the 16-inch model does not stop there, and more advanced configurations are available. You can purchase this model with faster processors and with much, much more RAM and storage. It is important to keep in mind, however, that none of these options can be upgraded at a later date! 

That means it’s a good idea to buy a model with enough processing speed, RAM, storage and graphic options to meet your needs and more to make it future-proof, since whatever model you choose, you’ll be spending some serious money on this laptop! 

Besides the basic model, Apple offers higher configurations of 2.3Ghz & 2.4Ghz 9th generations i9 Intel processors with eight independent cores, and higher RAMs of 32GB & 64GB. So if you’re into professional editing, for example, you may want to consider choosing a model with higher RAM that gives you the freedom to work on much larger files & higher resolution media without the sluggishness computers can suffer from when there is insufficient RAM or lack of processor speed! I’m talking to those of you who use regularly programs such as ProTools, Avid and Adobe !

On the other hand, if you’re a regular user unlikely to be using programs much more complex than those require to video conference or for school projects, such as PowerPoint, eMails and web browsing, then 16Gb and the basic 2.6Ghz i7 processor is sufficient and will get the job done. 

Another point to consider is the internal storage space. The basic model comes with 500GB, and that’s an OK size, considering that many of us use Cloud storage these days! But of course, if you need more space down the road, you can always use external storage. If you know you need to store large files and prefer to have everything on your laptop, then you can purchase a model with larger storage – which can be as much as 8TB! Again, remember that the internal storage is not upgradable and you must decide how much space you’re going to need when you buy the laptop.

⁃ Graphics options 

This model has a few different options when it comes to graphics cards. If you’re a basic user, you shouldn’t be thinking about paying any extra for a better graphics card, but if you’re planning on doing some serious gaming or media editing, you may want to consider one of the higher configuration options. The basic model comes with Dual graphic processors, the AMD Radeon Pro 5500 with 4GB RAM plus, Intel UHD 630, and can go up to 8GB with AMD Radeon Pro 5600, which naturally costs a lot more! If you know you’re going to need it, though, it may be well worth the extra bucks.

⁃ Magic keyboard with satisfying scissor mechanism 

So by now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the nightmare so-called Butterfly Keyboard that Apple introduced back in 2016. The design had many faults, such as double-typing of characters, or simply not typing at all – and lots of other issues! Anyway, let’s not go there today, because Apple has decided to roll out the trusty scissor mechanism keyboard on this model, and it’s absolutely lovely to type on! Plus, you get dedicated Touch-ID that frees you from entering your password over and over again, and adds an additional layer of security to your MacBook Pro experience! The Touch ID sensor is very responsive, and boasts dual purpose, functioning as a power button as well! 

One last thing regarding the keyboard: the 16-inch MacBook Pro features the dedicated escape key. Many users have been asking for since it was missing from the last generation of products and had to be accessed using the touch bar, which  wasn’t always convenient! So luckily, Apple have fixed that in this model, and now the escape key is, once again, an actual physical key.

⁃ Next up: Touch bar functionality 

The touch bar is located above the keyboard and it’s a new way to use the laptop that was introduced by Apple back in 2016. Since then, Apple has retained this useful edition, with some minor changes. Now, it’s also available in the 16-inch model. You can basically consider the touch bar as your go-to place for all shortcut functions that used to be actual keyboard keys on the older models. The touch bar is dynamic and the available shortcut options change automatically based on the program you’re currently using, such as easy one-touch access to all of your tabs, volume adjustment, screen brightness, and much, much more. 

⁃ Large force touchpad 

When you open the laptop, the first thing that stands out is the gigantic trackpad. It has many uses, such as multi-touch functions to give you instant access to certain actions, and its large, glossy surface allows you to feel the freedom of extra space when moving your fingers around the trackpad. It’s also notable that the trackpad uses pressure and haptic feedback to simulate clicks, and many of its functions are customizable, so it’s worth spending some time learning about all the tricks that this premium touchpad has up its sleeve! 

⁃ Sound & mic system 

With six on-board speaker sound systems, it’s impossible not to mention that the 16-inch 2019 model has immersive sound that can literally be called jaw-dropping for a laptop! The sound is clear & deep, and can easily be rated one of the best we’ve ever seen (or heard!) in a laptop. On top of that, the microphone system is studio-quality as well! 

⁃ Display 

Finally! You can’t dispute the fact that the16-inch display on this laptop provides stunning image quality. It boasts a large Retina display with TrueTone technology and LED backlight, plus the option to set the refresh rate up to 60Hz and the native resolution to 3072 x 1920!

That means the vivid image rolls from corner to corner of the giant 16-inch screen, and the overall picture and video quality that this display can put on show is indeed breathtaking!

Additionally, the laptop has a 720p webcam that does a decent job for FaceTime and video conferencing. However, doesn’t function as well in a dark environment. We wish that Apple had provided a 1080p version instead. 

The battery hold about 11 hours of charge, but dependent on the type of use (for example, if you’re using it for gaming or streaming), actual time can vary greatly!A 96w USB-C charger comes with the laptop, and it is also compatible with airplane power outlets. The laptop itself weighs in at about 4.3 pounds! 


It worth mentioning that this model has one 3.5mm headphone jack & four Thunderbolt-3 ports with data transfer rates of up to 10GBps. It is easy to connect all of your other equipment using USB-C converter dongles. You can find many different USB-C dongles on our sponsor’s website,

Overall, I have been using this laptop for the past few months. I’ve really enjoyed using it and, yes, I can easily recommend this laptop to the right user.

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