Is there a way to tighten the screen lid on a MacBook Air without taking it in for service?

It’s fairy easy but it take some work! You will need to remove the screen assembly and remove the black plastic hinge cover to access the t8 screws that usually do get losses,

Here is how, First you would need to open the back of the MacBook Air using p5 screwdriver and next,

disconnect the battery from the board to avoid damaging the components, than disconnect the the display cables and be careful not to damage them, next using T8 screwdriver remove the 6 screw that holding the screen and This attach the screen from the main body, No you need slide forward the plastic hinge cover that is underneath the display to access the screws that need to be tighten, once that cover is removed you can now tighten the screws and now you would need to put everything back, do some research on YouTube before doing that but over all it’s easy and it takes under 15min for a And hand! We do this service for flat fee of $90, you can mail the laptop and will fix and mail back the same day!

good luck


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