Can I Recover Data From a Liquid Damaged MacBook Air M1 2020 Model?

M1 MacBook Air 2020 – MGN63LL/A* – MacBookAir10,1 – A2337 – 3598

Question: Hi. My Mac book Air M1 2020 Model just recently got water damage. is it possible to recover the data from the machine’s hard drive since it is not switching on, if so how?

:M1 MacBook Air 2020 – MGN63LL/A* – MacBookAir10,1 – A2337 – 3598

Answer : Great question but not an easy solution,

One thing to keep in mind that the hard drive ( storage ) in this model is not removable and it is soldered to the main board aka logic board,

So to recover the data most likely you need to get the actual board fixed, and not any repair shop can do that! must find logic board specialist,

I dont think apple can help as they dont fix and just replace and that in this case will not help at all as you must have someone with experience get the board fix without loosing any data!

The 2nd option is much more expansive and that is to find highly skilled data recover company that may or may not be able to do the work, one thing for sure do not try to turn on the laptop and do not give to repair shop that is not highly experienced in logic board circuit repair!

One other thing! do not wait too long as liquid damage get worse over time and its best to get it repaired soon.

good luck /

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