How to Rest (SMC) to Fix Battery Charging Issue?

When the battery in your Mac notebook computer won’t charge, try one or more of these solutions:

  • First of all Make sure charger is working properly, you can test that by connecting the charge to another mac to make sure it charges. Next, If your Macbook is intel Base then you may want to Rest The System Management Controller (SMC) which controls how your Mac manages power including you battery, If its not intel base just restart and that should do the work.
  • If the battery is non-removable:

    1. Select Apple menu > Shut Down and wait for your Mac to Fully shut down.
    2. Press Shift-Control-Option Key on the left side of the keyboard, And press the power button at the same time. Keep Holding these keys and the power button for 10 seconds. 
    3. Release all keys.
    4. Press the power button once again to turn on your Mac or MacBook.

    If the battery is removable:

    1. Shut down your Mac.
    2. Remove the battery. If you need help removing the battery look for mac repair shop.
    3. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
    4. Reinstall the battery.
    5. Press the power button again to turn on your Mac.

    If the Processor is apple silicon, Just restart the laptop and that dose the job.

    The SMC is responsible for managing this areas in your mac:

    • sleep mode status, battery charging status
    • Power Mangment, power button and power to the USB ports
    • internal Battery and charging function
    • Fans Speed and thermal-management
    • Sensors such as the ambient light sensor, keyboard backlighting and, sudden motion sensor
    • Functions needed for when opening and closing the MacBook

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