Is the 16inch M1 2021 speaker grill just for show? Like it’s not a hole at all?

Question: Is the speaker grill in 2021 16 inch MacBook pro M1 A2485 are just for show? Like it’s not a hole at all? Since it seems like from the video that the grill is just on the outside and on the inside like there isn’t any hole. It’s just solid?? good tear-down video anyway….

Answer: Good question and thanks for watching our teardown video in youtube, i have included the link here for others to watch how we part out this model… but to your question….

I have checked both of the the speakers grill area against the light and the answer is that the speaker grill on both sides has actual hols but only about 20% of what you see on the lower area is actual hols and rest is only for design and has no purpose,

honestly i think its good that they did not make hols more than what is necessary for great sound to come out as exposing inside the laptop to outside elements can result in higher chance of accidental liquid damage to the laptop,

if you want to see for your self see the actual pictures of the below that been taken against the light and the hols are fully visible .

Link to the tear-down disassembly of MacBook Pro 16inch 2021 Model A2485

2021 M1 MacBook Pro Pro Max | Tear-Down Disassembly ( A2485 ) 16”

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