Disassembling the 13.6-inch MacBook Air A2681 in Starlight: TekDep Teardown

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of TekDep teardown. In today’s blog, we will be showing you the internal layout and disassembly of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air A2681 in Starlight. If you see any parts or tools you need in the blog and video, stop by our website tekdep.com to get what you need. Let’s get into it!

Baby Steps

The 13.6-inch MacBook Air 2022 utilizes the all-new M2 Processor. Throughout the teardown, you’ll notice the differences in mechanisms compared to previous models. But first, always remember to turn off the devices you’re working on to protect yourself and the device. Starting with the bottom case, we immediately notice the new design changes compared to older models. Let’s unfasten the 4 pentalobe screws along the edges and break the magnets free using a suction cup. There are 4 prongs at the top holding the bottom case, so we’ll slide it towards the trackpad to release them. Inside the unit, we’ll begin by removing the battery connector from the logic board. Unfasten the two T3 screws holding the bracket over the battery connector and disconnect the battery flex cable. Repeat the same process for the Trackpad cable on the left side, ensuring the flex cable is freed from the glue.

Tearing Into It

Let’s take out the 4 screws holding the Wi-Fi and speaker assembly using T5 screws. These screws also serve as anchor points for the prongs securing the bottom case. Next, we’ll unfasten a mix of T5 and T3 screws that are holding in the logic board to prepare it for removal. Using a magnet, grab the screws to ensure they are free before proceeding. To remove the hinge covers, unfasten two T5 screws on both sets of hinges and carefully pry them away from under the top case. Pull and push downward for best results. We’ll leave the covers in place for now. Moving on to the I/O ports, unfasten the T5 screws securing the ports you wish to remove. Note that the MagSafe 3 charging port has two additional T5 screws at its base for removal. Let’s detach the Wi-Fi antennas, speakers, USB Type-C ports, and daughter board connections from the logic board. Unfasten the associated T3 screws and brackets holding them in place. Afterward, remove the USB Type-C ports. After removing the USB Type-C ports, another T5 screw holding the logic board in place will be revealed. Dislodge the hinge covers from the top case, and unfasten the T8 screws holding the LCD assembly to the top case. Lift the right Wi-Fi and speaker assembly out of the unit while the left one remains secured by the LCD securing bracket.

Removing the Boards

To remove the LCD, unfasten 2 T3 screws and 2 P2 screws below them. Peel back the black tape cover strip and unfasten the hidden T3 screw. Dislodge the bracket and remove the left Wi-Fi speaker assembly. Disconnect the 3 LCD connections at the top of the unit. Returning to the logic board, we’ll remove the hidden panels that reveal additional connections. Start with the T3 screws, fish the panels out with a pry, and disconnect the AUX port board, LCD proximity sensor, and daughter board connections. Be cautious with the fragile LCD proximity sensor. The logic board is now completely free and ready for removal. Place it on an anti-static bag or a cardboard box to avoid damage. o remove the daughter board, disconnect the keyboard, battery daughter cable, touch-id flex cable, and unfasten a T3 screw and bracket. Carefully remove the glued touch-id sensor flex cable. Unfasten the daughter board using a T5 screwdriver and pry it away from the top case. To remove the Touch ID sensor, unfasten the T5 screws holding the bracket and sensor. Use a T3 screwdriver to remove the last screw securing the Touch ID sensor. With 10 T5 screws, remove the trackpad from the top case. Don’t forget to remove the MagSafe 3 connector and feed the trackpad cable through the designated hole.

Finishing Up

Remove the Touch ID gently from its home. Next, separate the top case from the LCD assembly by rotating the bottom of the top case upwards. Lift it away from the LCD. Disconnect the trackpad flex cable by lifting the retention bar and pulling it down towards the table, applying gentle force if needed due to the glue holding the cable in place.

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