Cracked Screen Fix | iPhone 11 Pro Max How-to Guide

iPhone 11 screen cracked and don’t know how to fix it? Use this guide to replace the screen in your iPhone 11 Pro Max A2161. That’s the phone used for this guide (and accompanying video), but this guide also works for the iPhone 11 Pro A2160.

This blog post accompanies a video we released on YouTube documenting this whole process. If anything here is unclear, watching the YouTube video should clear things up.

All required parts and tools are linked for purchase below.

Required Parts and Tools

Before you begin: Power off your phone

Step 1: Apply Isopropyl Alcohol to Screen

Step 2: Remove the Two Exterior Pentalobe Screws

  • Use your Pentalobe Screwdriver to remove the two dockside pentalobe screws, as pictured.

Step 3: Spudge the Edges of the Screen

  • Be careful not to push too far into the screen with the spudger, as this could damage the phone’s internal components (about 3mm max should be totally safe).
  • TIP: A heat source is useful for this step and will speed up the process. We use a heat mat, but you could get away with a heat gun or even a hairdryer. Just be sure not to get the phone too hot, as this could damage the battery. As long as it isn’t too hot to touch, you should be fine.

Step 4: Open the Screen

  • Once the adhesive has been properly spudged/loosened via heat and isopropyl, the phone should open along its hinges just like a book.

Step 5: Remove the Battery Connector Cover

  • Use the Tri-Wing screwdriver to remove the two screws holding down the battery connector cover. It probably goes without saying, but don’t lose these screws, or the battery connector cover.

Step 6: Unhook the Battery Flex Cable

  • We’ve used a plastic spudge tool to disconnect the battery flex cable from the battery, but you can get away with a clean fingernail.

Step 7: Remove the Logic Board Cover

  • Use the Tri-Wing screwdriver on the six screws securing the Logic Board Cover

Step 8: Unhook the Two LCD Connections

  • We’ve again used a plastic spudger, but of course a clean fingernail is, again, totally fine.
  • Once you’ve unhooked these connections, the screen will no longer be attached to the frame of the phone.

Step 9: Remove the Front Assembly

  • Unscrew the three front screws (two Phillips, one Tri-Wing) that connect the front assembly to the old screen.
  • Use a plastic spudge tool to separate the front assembly from the screen. Be careful not to damage the flex cable attached to the top speaker
  • TIP: Use an air tool to clean your front array while it is out of the phone. Often when you find you can’t hear well from your top speaker, dust and debris trapped in this array is the culprit.

Step 10: Attach your Front Assembly to New Screen

  • Attach the front assembly to the new screen the same way it was attached to the old screen (two Phillips Screws on the right side, Y000 on the left).

Step 11: Re-Attach Screen Cables/Secure Logic Board Cover

  • Re-hook the two flex cables in their respective positions.
  • Re-screw the Logic Board Cover with the six Y000 screws

Step 12: Re-Connect the Battery/Secure the Battery Connector Cover

Step 13: Close Up the Phone

Step 14: Test Things Out!

  • Congratulations on a (hopefully) successful repair! We hope this guide helped you understand how to fix a cracked screen on your iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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