1TB SSD Replacement/Upgrade for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina & Mac Pro OEM



MacBook Pro Retina, Air & Mac Pro 1TB SSD Solid State



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1TB SSD Replacement/Upgrade for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina & Mac Pro (Trash Can) OEM


Apple Part #: 661-03734, 661-8142
Printed Part #: 655-1810D
Manufacturer Part #:  MZ-KPU1T0T/0A6 Samsung


Used OEM 100% Original SSD. Tested. Fully Functional.
Tested Using The Latest Industry Standard Hardware Diagnostic Methods.
Professionally Removed From A Fully Functional, Nearly New Unit.


  • 1 – 1TB Internal SSD Replacement Drive
    Clean Drive. No OS installed


 13” MacBook Pro Retina A1502 Late 2013 to Early 2015 Models 

15” MacBook Pro Retina A1398 Late 2013 Through Mid 2015 Models

13″ MacBook Air A1466 Mid 2013 Through 2017 Models 

 MacPro (Trash Can) Tower A1481 Late 2013


Before you begin:
  • First, for all models:  If your old SSD still works or if you are going to install the drive as an upgrade, you will need to ensure that you have a Time Machine or another alternative backup of your data; either on an external drive, or that you image the information using an external SSD enclosure and Disk Utility or another cloning software. 
  • Although it is possible, It is not recommended to perform the SSD replacement without first creating a backup of your data since for different reasons, it could be lost so be careful.
  • Also, TekDep does not ship SSD’s with an OS installed. THIS MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL AN OS.  IT IS NOT INCLUDED!
  • Furthermore, It is possible to add the info later if you place the old drive into an SSD enclosure after it is removed and transferring the data.   In addition, keep in mind that without a backup, it could be impossible to access if the info does happen to be inaccessible. 
  • There are different methods to accomplish this, so be sure to gain an understanding of the steps involved before you get started.  That way you can have the best chances of a successful upgrade. 
  • Make sure to disconnect the power supply and all external devices from your MacBook Air.
  • For the most part,  we recommend that you ground yourself to remove any static electricity by touching a grounded metal object or alternatively, you can wear an anti-static wristband.  Even though it is possible to perform this replacement without one, static electricity can cause damage that will be invisible to the naked eye and can ruin electronics.
  • Also, we recommend that you wear powder free nitrile gloves to prevent leaving the oils and residue from your skin on the internal components. This can cause damage that will grow over time.
During the process :
  • It is essential to keep track of the screws you remove and where they go to avoid mixing them up.  Otherwise, if you put the wrong screw in the wrong place or leave one loose inside, it can sometimes cause extensive damage.  Also, it can break your device or an internal component so be careful!
  • Be gentle when you handle the SSD and other internal components, as they can be easily damaged.
  • Also, If you’re not confident in your ability to complete this repair, seek help from a professional.
Necessary tools and additional items you will need:
  1. Pentalobe screwdriver (size TS5 or TS6).
  2. Torx screwdriver (size T5).
  3. Spudger tool or plastic card.
  4. Replacement SSD.
  5. External enclosure or adapter (if you want to transfer data from the old SSD to the new one).
Steps to remove and replace the SSD on an A1466 Apple MacBook Air:
  1. Flip your MacBook Air upside down and remove the ten screws on the bottom case with the pentalobe screwdriver.
  2. Gently pry the bottom case off using the spudger tool or plastic card.
  3. Locate the SSD, which is a small circuit board with a gold connector, and remove the two screws holding it in place with the torx screwdriver.
  4. Gently lift the SSD up and pull it out of the connector.
  5. Place the old SSD in the external enclosure or adapter, if you want to transfer data to the new SSD.
  6. Remove the old SSD from the enclosure or adapter and insert the new SSD in its place.
  7. Line up the new 1TB SSD Replacement with the connector and carefully push it in until it clicks into place.
  8. Replace the two screws to secure the new SSD in place.
  9. Snap the bottom case back on and replace the ten screws.
  10. Turn on your MacBook Air and make sure the new SSD is detected and working properly.
In conclusion

The SSD on your A1466 Apple MacBook Air can be replaced with the right tools and careful attention to detail.

If you follow these steps, you can upgrade your MacBook Air’s storage and in many cases expand it’s capacity or improve its performance.

Below are some instructional videos from our YouTube page that show how to accomplish the SSD replacement for the 15″ MacBook Pro Retina & a teardown for the Mac Pro(Trash Can Model).

Good Luck!

TekDep’s YouTube Page

TekDep Blog

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655-1810D, 661-8142, A1398, A1466, A1481, A1502,  661-03734,, MZ-KPU1T0T/0A6


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