2014 A1466 Logic Board for 13″ Apple MacBook Air 1.4ghz i5 4GB & 8GB RAM 820-3437-B



2014 A1466 Logic Board for 13″ Apple MacBook Air 1.4ghz i5 4GB & 8GB RAM 820-3437-B

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2014 A1466 Logic Board

2014 A1466 Logic Board for 13″ Apple MacBook Air 1.4ghz i5 4GB & 8GB RAM 820-3437-B

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Used 100% OEM Original Apple Tested 100% Working,
Tested using latest industry hardware diagnostic software.
Fresh pull from fully Working nearly new unit.


  • 1 Logic-Board
  • 1 Attached heat sink


Onboard CPU : 1.4ghz i5 (4260U)
Printed Part #: 820-3437-B
OnBoard RAM: 4Gb
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5000
A1466 (EMC  2632*)


13″ MacBook Air A1466
Mid 2013 MD760LL/A 1.3 i5
2013 MD761LL/A 1.3 i5
MD761LL/A 1.7 i7
Early 2014 MD760LL/B 1.4 i5
2014 MD761LL/B 1.4 i5
Early 2014 MD761LL/B 1.7 i7


These are the required tools for a 2014 A1466 Logic Board Repair on a 13″ MacBook Air Family Models:

Important Note: Before you begin, make sure to drain you laptop battery fully.  To do this, unplug your power adapter and just leave the laptop powered it on until it shuts down. Also, after it has been opened, disconnect the battery before performing any repairs.

Also, to help protect you and your device you should always wear safety glasses & anti-static nitrile gloves.

  1. Pentalobe screwdriver (P5): The bottom case uses a proprietary (Apple exclusive) type of screw called a Pentalobe screw.  This type of speciality screwdriver is required to remove the bottom case and begin the repair.
  2. Torx screwdriver (T4 & T5): Torx bits are needed to remove the screws that hold the MacBook components such as the I/O Board, MagSafe port, Audio Board, Fans, TrackpadBattery & more.
  3. Torx screwdriver (T8):  The T8 Torx screwdriver is also needed to remove the screws that hold the hinges of the LCD assembly in place.
  4. Plastic Spudger:  A plastic spudger is a tool that helps get in between things and useful to pry apart components with less risk of damaging them.  Additionally, you’ll need a spudger or plastic pry tool  like one found in TekDep’s pro kit to disconnect some cables and connectors inside of your 13″ MacBook Air A1466.
  5. Anti-Static Tweezers: With respect to the screws, some of the connectors & many of the internal brackets are very small.  For this reason you’ll need a good pair of tweezers to disconnect and reconnect things, pick them up. Just as well, they can be a useful tool to hold on to things as they are inserted back into place.

Sooner or later most electronics will require some maintenance or a repair of some kind and as time goes by there are more and more tutorials & videos available on the web that can help guide you through the process of doing it for yourself.

While that is true, it is important to know that working on a 13″ MacBook Air can be challenging.

In general, you need to be very careful when touching, disconnecting or working on the internal parts of any electronic device to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the delicate components inside.

Additionally, if you haven’t done this kind of thing before or aren’t comfortable performing this type of repair, it is best to take your MacBook Air to a professional.   This can give you the best chance of success & the least risk of harm or damage.

To sum it up……

If you’re like many of us, a DIYer & you are ready to give it a go, consider pairing your purchase with one of TekDep’s repair tool kits!

A tool kit along with a bit of knowledge can save you time and money and help to do it  yourself.

In short, investing in a high-quality tool kit today can help to keep your devices in tip-top shape for years to come.

Check out this awesome toolkit that the TekDep team put together to do just that!  It contains all of the items listed above and a lot of other driver bits and helpful tools that come in handy when you need them.

140 in 1 Steel Bit Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set with Case for Phone PC Electronics

Check out more of our Repair Tools!

So you can see the process in action, we put together a video of the teardown for this model on YouTube. Check out the video below.

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2014 A1466 Logic Board

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Modified Item

Custom Bundle

Expansion Slots

Compatible Model

CPU Onboard


Capacity per Module

On Board Ram

Graphics Card


820-3437-A 820-3437-B 661-7479 MD760LL/A MD761LL/A


Non-Domestic Product

Ram Size:

1.4Ghz i5 4Gb Ram, 1.4Ghz i5 8Gb Ram