A1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board for 2012-2013 Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13″



A1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board for 2012-2013 Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13″

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A1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board for 2012-2013 Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13″


Used OEM 100% Fully Functional Original Apple MagSafe 2 DC in-Board.
Tested Using The Latest Industry Standard Hardware Diagnostic Methods.
Professionally Removed From an Actual A1425 MacBook Pro Unit.
(A1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board, 923-0222, 820-3248-A)


MagSafe 2 DC in-Board x1


Apple Part #: 923-0222
Printed Part #: 820-3248-A


  • 13inch MacBook Pro Retina A1425
    Late 2012 MD212LL/A 2.5 i5/ 2.9 i7
    Late 2012 MD213LL/A 2.5 i5 or 2.9 i7
    Early 2013 ME662LL/A 2.6 i5
    Early 2013 ME662LL/A 3.0 i7

NOTE: Please verify your MacBook’s Family Model number to ensure that this part is compatible with your device.


This in-board module plays a vital role in the power management system of the MacBook Pro, ensuring a secure and efficient connection between the MagSafe 2 power adapter and the laptop. With its precise design and compatibility with the MacBook Pro model, this in-board module guarantees reliable power input and charging functionality. This board allows users to easily connect their power adapter, providing a seamless charging experience and maintaining the optimal power supply to the MacBook Pro.


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InstagramA1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board, 923-0222, 820-3248-A



A1425 MagSafe 2 DC in-Board, 923-0222, 820-3248-AReddit         

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820-3248-A, 923-0222, 923-0222, 820-3248-A, a1425

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