A1534 Logic Board 1.2GHz m5 8GB RAM 512GB SSD for 2016 Apple MacBook 12”



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A1534 Logic Board 1.2GHz m5 8GB RAM 512GB SSD for 2016 Apple MacBook 12”


Used OEM 100% Fully Functional Original Apple Logic Board.
Tested Using The Latest Industry Standard Hardware Diagnostic Methods.
Professionally Removed From an Actual A1534 MacBook Unit.
(A1534 Logic Board 1.2GHz m5)


Logic Board x1


Apple Part #: 661-04733, 661-04728, 820-00244-08, 820-00244-A


  • 12″ MacBook Retina A1534
    (Silver) – MLHA2LL/A (1.1 GHz Core M3)
    (Space Grey) – MLH72LL/A (1.1 GHz Core M3)
    (Gold) – MLHE2LL/A (1.1 GHz Core M3)
    (Rose Gold) – MMGL2LL/A (1.1 GHz Core M3)
    (Silver) – MLHC2LL/A (1.2 GHz Core M5)
    (Space Grey) – MLH82LL/A (1.2 GHz Core M5)
    (Gold) – MLHF2LL/A (1.2 GHz Core M5)
    (Rose Gold) – MMGM2LL/A (1.2 GHz Core M5)
    (Silver) – BTO/CTO (1.3 GHz Core M7)
    (Space Grey) – BTO/CTO (1.3 GHz Core M7)
    (Gold) – BTO/CTO (1.3 GHz Core M7
    (Rose Gold) – BTO/CTO (1.3 GHz Core M7)
    This logic board will not work on Early 2015 Model.

NOTE: Please verify your MacBook’s Family Model number to ensure that this part is compatible with your device.


This logic board features a 1.2GHz m5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a spacious 512GB SSD, providing users with powerful performance and ample storage capacity. Designed for seamless integration, the A1534 Logic Board ensures compatibility and precise fit within the MacBook 12-inch. By replacing the existing logic board with this component, users can upgrade their MacBook’s processing power, memory, and storage, thereby enhancing overall performance and productivity.


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Weight 8.00 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in
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Onboard Ram

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820-00244-08, 820-00244-A, A1534, 661-04728,, 661-04733


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