Heavy Duty Suction Cup Grip Tool For LCD-Display Removal Repair



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Suction Grip Tool

Heavy Duty Suction Cup Grip Tool For LCD-Display Removal Repair

Rubber Sucker Silicone Rubber PVC Suction Cup Combined Suction Cup for Phone Used in Repairing for LCD Screen


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  • 1 x Plastic Suction Cup Grip Tool with Silicone Sucker




Universal Tech Repair Tool

Suction Cup Grip Tool For LCD-Display Repair

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Usage Info:

An LCD (liquid crystal display) removal heavy-duty suction cup is a tool that is designed to help remove an LCD screen from electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The suction cup works by creating a vacuum seal between the surface of the screen and the cup, allowing you to easily lift the screen away from the device.

The heavy-duty suction cup is designed to provide a strong grip and can handle heavier screens without slipping. This is particularly useful when dealing with larger screens or when there is a lot of adhesive holding the screen in place. The suction cup helps to distribute the force evenly across the screen, minimizing the risk of damaging the delicate components.

It is important to note that using a suction cup to remove an LCD screen can be a delicate process, and it is recommended to exercise caution and follow proper procedures to avoid damaging the screen or other components. It is also important to ensure that the suction cup is clean and free of any debris before use to maximize its effectiveness.

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