TEKDEP Care Warranty – Our Commitment to You

All Repairs & Sales include our free Comprehensive 12 Month Limited Warranty.

Available on EVERY order, Online, In-Store and Worldwide

TEKDEP Warranty FAQs

Warranty Length:

We offer a free comprehensive 12-month limited hardware warranty on all devices and repair services, subject to additional terms and conditions.

Warranty Request Process:

  • Online Orders: For all tekdep.com online orders, warranty requests must be submitted within 90 calendar days of the package’s delivery date. You can request a return through the form at the bottom of this page or by contacting us via email at support@tekdep.com. Please include your order number and the reason for the warranty request.

  • Local Orders: If you made a purchase at our local TEKDEP store, you can visit us during our regular business hours to drop off your device for warranty service.

Free Online & In-Store Warranty Coverage and Limitations:

  • 3 Months Free Parts & Labor Coverage: The remaining 9 months of the warranty covers labor costs only, and customers are responsible for parts when needed.

  • Exclusions: Battery, LCD display, software, and personal data are not covered under our warranty. We repair or replace components that fail under normal operating conditions with no external causes.

  • Refunds and Replacements: After 3 unsuccessful repair attempts related to our service, we may issue a refund, replacement, or provide the service again for free (exceptions may apply).

  • Display Issues: The warranty does not cover display problems.

  • Software: Software and operating system issues are not part of the warranty and will be charged at normal repair labor rates.

  • Malware and Virus Removal: Malware and virus removal are not covered and will be charged at normal repair labor rates.

  • Additional Repairs: Customers are responsible for any additional unrelated or non-covered repairs that may be necessary for the device’s full operation, in addition to labor costs.

  • Voided Warranty: Warranty claims are void under specific circumstances, including third-party service attempts without our authorization, misuse, physical damage, liquid contact or damage, and more.

Data Backup and Loss:

We encourage all customers requiring repair or warranty services to back up their device’s internal data to prevent accidental data loss. Your data is your responsibility, and we make no guarantees regarding data preservation during repairs.

Average Turnaround Time:

Typically, it takes 5-9 business days from the time your device arrives at our facility for us to complete the required services and send it back to you. Please note that delivery time is not included in this estimate.

Out-of-Warranty Service:

If your item requires service but falls outside the warranty coverage, you can still utilize our services, but normal repair rates will apply, along with the cost of any necessary parts.

Abandoned Property:

All items must be collected within 60 days if we are not required to ship them back. If items are not picked up or shipping arrangements are not made, we may dispose of them at an appropriate recycling facility due to space constraints in our facility.

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