A2485 Left CPU Cooling Fan 610-00559-01 For 16” Apple MacBook Pro 2021



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A2485 Left CPU Cooling Fan 610-00559-01 For 16” Apple MacBook Pro 2021


Used OEM 100% Original Apple Left Cooling Fan. Tested. Fully Functional.
Tested Using The Latest Industry Standard Hardware Diagnostic Methods.
Professionally Removed From A Fully Functional, A2485 Model.
(A2485 Left CPU Fan 610-00559-01, ED120K02B, EMC 6531)


Left Internal CPU Cooling Internal Fan x1


Apple: 610-00559-01
Model: ED120K02B
EMC: 6531


For A2485 Model M1 Pro 16″ MacBook Pro 2021


Watch How To Disassemble Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch M1 Pro 2021 Model MK1E3LL/A / A2485!

Required Tools For 2021 Apple M1 Pro 16″ MacBook Pro, A2485 Family Repairs:

Note: Before you begin, make sure to drain you laptop battery completely by keeping it on until it dies. Then, unplug your power adapter, and disconnect the battery before performing any repair and always wear safety glasses & anti-static nitrile gloves.

  1. Pentalobe screwdriver (P5): The bottom case uses a proprietary type of screw called a Pentalobe screw. This type of speciality screwdriver is required in removing the bottom case and begin the repair. Palmrest
  2. Suction cups: After removing all 8 of P5 screws, to aide in the removal of the bottom case use a suction cup to grip and pull the casing
  3. Torx screwdriver (T3, T4, T5): Speciality Torx bits are needed to remove the screws that hold the MacBook components such as the USB-C board, fans, MagSafe board, LCD Display, Flex cables, Hardware &  brackets, audio board, trackpad, Logic Board, Keyboard and more.
  4. Torx screwdriver (T8):  A T8 Torx screwdriver is also needed to remove the screws that hold the LCD Hinges in place, this is needed to remove and replace the LCD assembly on the A2485.
  5. Pentalobe screwdriver (1PL):  1PL screwdriver to remove the very small screws that hold the Wi-Fi Module (Note: to remove and replace the screen the Wi-Fi Module must be removed first).
  6. Spudger: A spudger is a tool that helps you to disconnect the various cables and connectors inside the 16″ MacBook Pro A2485.
  7. Tweezers: Some of the screws of the MacBook Pro are very small, you’ll need a pair of antistatic tweezers to pick them safely.
  8. Flat Wide Pry Tool: A special wide flexible pry tool for the removal of the battery , Speakers & Microphone for replacement to separate the adhesive from the chassis.

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A2485 Technical Specifications:





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610-00559-01, A2485, ED120K02B, EMC 6531


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