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“Our Skilled In-House Technicians Excel in Repairing Macs, PCs, Phones & Tablets. With Years of Experience, We Deliver Lasting and Dependable Repairs. You Pay Only for Parts When Needed, Ensuring Trusted Repairs Backed by TEKDEP Warranty.”

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“We provide a wide array of services, including screen replacement, data recovery, gaming and studio computer builds, hardware and software diagnostics and repairs, upgrades, all expertly handled by our friendly and skilled technicians. Our expertise covers Macs, PCs, phones, gaming consoles, PC building, upgrades, data recovery, and more.”

“Get in touch with us now for your repair or service requirements, regardless of your location. Our mail-in repair & remote service is swifter than local shops, equipped with a vast inventory of in-stock parts and seasoned technicians.”

Screen Replacement

Extensive experience in display replacements allows us to address issues like cracked screens, display lines, and black screens effectively.

Liquid Damage

If not repaired promptly and correctly, liquid damage can worsen over time. Our technicians are experts in restoring Mac and PC systems affected by liquid damage.

Diagnostic & Repair

Diagnosing the root issue in your device can be a complex task, often requiring time and expertise. We offer a single, comprehensive fee that covers both the diagnostic process and any necessary repairs.

Mail-In Repair

Back up your data, pack your device carefully, and send it to our repair facility. We’ll inspect it, perform diagnostics to identify the root issue, and then you can decide whether to proceed with the repair.

Fast Repair Turn-Around

Many repairs are completed on the same day, provided we have the necessary parts and your device on hand. If we need to order a replacement part, the repair process may take 3 to 10 days in most cases.

Large Selection Of Parts

Specializing in High-Quality Renewed, Used, and New Replacement Parts and Spares for Mac, PC, Phones, and Tablets! Our Parts Supply Services Reach Repair Shops and DIY Enthusiasts Worldwide.

Mail-in Instructions

Start your Mail-In Repair Order by filling out the form below. | +1 818-456-4479

After submitting your repair request, one of our technicians will respond within 1 business day. We will contact you via the provided email address or phone number if needed.

Note : Please be aware that our flat fee includes most repair services and covers the cost of return shipping when you opt to send in your device for repair. However, services such as data recovery, liquid damage repair, upgrades, and PC build services or complex repaires are not included in the flat fee and will be billed separately. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and pricing details regarding these additional services.